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Souffleuse PET 2 L PSBX S4 2L

Category: New PET blowmoulders Reference: APSBX S4 2L
Type: Souffleuse PET 3200 Bt H Year: 2013


N514 2.convoyeur preforms automatically. 3. Very good distribution of the heat by rotating the preforms on it even and simultaneous advance on the rails in the infrared preheating zone. 4.Plusieur setting possibilty to enable preheat the preforms to be most suited to the final form of the blown bottle. internal reflector panel in the heating zone to avoid temperature variation .so with a control with an automatic thermostatic controller. 5. Safety Control System in relation to each element into mechanical motion. Which allows transformation procedures and a safety control in case of failure certainnes procedure. 6. Low noise during operation of the machine. for each movement and actuated by a pneumatic cylinder and non-hydraulic. 7. perfect Regularization with atmospheric pressure to the souffllage due to mechanical action and by dividing the blowing into three parts in the air pressure diagram of the machine. 8.Fermeture of high air pressure mold and double bonds to lock the mold. 9. Two operation mode: automatic and manual. 10.Conception reliable and simple control with the air pressure diagram of the machine. 11.Faible price, high efficiency, the production process is simple, easy maintenance, etc., automatic operation processes. bottle contamination 12.Pas. 13.Refroidissement with the external system. 14. Easy installation and starting 15. Low rejection rate less than 0.2 percent.


Weight machine in kilograms3700Kg
Overall size (lenght x widht x height)3800x2200x2300mm
Stock placeNC / PS
liter maximum2l
Nber of station4
Output3200 à 4000kg/h
liters maxi2l