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MAGIC 5L MGL 5 D à Reconditionné en 2011


Category: Blowmoulders Reference: SOMA0516081101
Type: MAGIC 5 L Year: 1992


Used Blow molding


Clamping force6000KN
screw diameter90mm
Mold openning stroke420mm
Motor power90Kw
Total installed power105Kw
Tension in voltage380V
Control typelec
Stock placePS
Hopper YES/NOoui
liter maximum5 Litresl
Nber of station2 postes
Nber of head2 tete ou 1 tete
Typ of paraisonmoog 64 points
Cutting system HOT/COLDfroid
Distance between tie bars180 mm ou 0 mmmm
Desflashing system OUI/NONoui
liters maxi5 Ll